Years of the “war on terror”

Million people killed

Million people displaced

Trillion dollars spent

A socialist conference against WAR

The fight against war is the fight for socialism!

About the conference

On November 5, the Socialist Equality Party and the International Youth and Students for Social Equality will hold a conference, “Socialism vs. Capitalism & War,” at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

This emergency conference has been called to mobilize workers, students and youth all over the world against this immense threat to the very survival of the planet.

Since declaring the “war on terror” fifteen years ago, the United States has invaded or bombed Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and countless other countries. More than a million people have been killed, and hundreds of thousands turned into refugees. Entire countries have been laid to waste, while trillions of dollars have been squandered on death and destruction.

Now, the wars in the Middle East and Central Asia are more and more intertwined with the global confrontation of American imperialism with Russia and China, two nuclear armed powers. Not since the eve of World War II has the danger of a global conflagration been so great. Yet the issue of war has been all but excluded from the 2016 election campaigns of Clinton and Trump.

The foreign policy of American imperialism is determined by the banks, major corporations and the arms industry. The fight against war is the fight against capitalism. All the great issues confronting the working class–including inequality, poverty and the drive to dictatorship–are inseparable from the struggle against war.

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  • Wayne State University
  • General Lectures 100
  • 5045 Anthony Wayne Drive, Detroit, MI
  • November 5
  • 11:00AM - 6:00PM
  • (313) 307-6708

Directions & Accommodations

The General Lectures building is located on the northwest corner of West Warren Ave. and Anthony Wayne Drive (3rd Ave) on the Wayne State University campus in Detroit.

Getting Here

Wayne State University campus is 20 minutes by car or taxi from the Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW).

Wayne State University campus is within walking distance of stops on the 14, 53, 16, 23 ad 498 (RefleX) bus lines. Bus schedules can be found here. Public transportation in Detroit is not frequent, so make sure to allow sufficient time.

Bus services such as Mega Bus have routes from other cities to Detroit. The Mega Bus from Chicago to Detroit drops off at the Wayne State University campus. The Greyhound Bus Station is located at 1001 Howard Street, a 5 minute taxi ride or 30 minute bus ride to Wayne State.

For exact driving directions, use Google Maps. The General Lectures building is located near the Interstate 94 and Route 10 (the Lodge).


If you are driving, we recommend you park in Parking Structure 2, which is located very close to the General Lectures Building. To access the structure, take the John C. Lodge Service Drive north off of Warren Avenue to Kirby Street, and then turn right into the parking structure. There is a $7 flat cost for parking for non-students.

There are several hotels available in the Detroit Metropolitan Area, and a discounted rate is available for conference attendees. For more information, contact us at (313) 307-6708.

Main speakers

WSWS reporters and SEP Candidates

Jerry White

SEP candidate for president

Jerry White, 56, is the the SEP candidate for president and the US labor editor of the World Socialist Web Site. He joined the Workers League, the predecessor of the Socialist Equality Party, in 1979, while working at United Parcel Service and attending the City University of New York.

Niles Niemuth

SEP candidate for Vice President

Niles Niemuth, 28, was raised in a working-class family in Wisconsin and became a member of the SEP during the 2011 mass protests against budget cuts imposed by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. He joined the staff of the WSWS after completing his master’s degree at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, where he specialized in African-American history.

Naomi Spencer

SEP Candidate for West Virginia House of Delegates

Naomi Spencer, 38, is a member of the National Committee of the Socialist Equality Party (US). She is a regular contributor to the World Socialist Web Site and has been a member of the SEP since 2005. A graduate of Morehead State University in Kentucky with a degree in art, Spencer works as a web designer and writer.

Joe Kishore

SEP (US) National Secretary

Joseph Kishore, 36, has been National Secretary of the Socialist Equality Party since 2008. He is a regular writer for the World Socialist Web Site on American politics and world events.

Andre Damon

IYSSE National Secretary

Andre Damon is the national secretary of the International Youth and Students for Social Equality, the youth movement of the Socialist Equality Party. He writes for the World Socialist Web Site on geopolitics, economics, and the global drive to war.

    Others, including international speakers

    Additional speakers will be announced.


      What workers are saying

      “We have no interest in other workers in other countries being killed. We really don’t.”

      Speaking on the conditions facing autoworkers, Eboni observed, “We have a ridiculous two-tier system here. We do the same work but get paid half as much as other workers. It’s not right.”

      She concluded, “The corporations are making record profits, and CEOs are making millions in bonuses. And we can’t even afford the cars we make.”

      Eboni and DymonWorkers at Chicago Ford Assembly
      “After September 11th, they passed the Patriot Act and passed a bunch of other shady acts. We know the wars were about oil and other resources. But not much has improved since then. Obama carries out drone strikes today. I know the corporations and the government don’t care about us at all. I question the long-term goals of these corporations when they don’t pay us enough. They are creating a permanent poor underclass. The current capitalist system is not working at all.”
      TimAutoworker at the Ford Chicago Assembly
      “Instead of going to war we should be putting money into education and infrastructure,” said Joe Fletcher, a Vietnam War veteran and Wayne State University maintenance worker.

      “Over the summer we had highways that turned into rivers because of some rain: they have plenty of money to drop bombs on other countries, but they won’t put money into infrastructure. War means the people are losing.”

      Joe FletcherMaintenance worker
      “For the US to trigger a world war, possibly even a nuclear war? That’s no sign of strength. That goes to show just how vulnerable the US is as a superpower, to so recklessly push the planet towards a possible apocalypse. The people that rule this country have officially gone stark raving mad.”

      “The clip shown early in the interview where the ‘bigwigs’ are blabbering on about needing to secure hegemony is nauseating. We – the working class? The billions of people who keep society running? We don’t even exist to these people, except as potential cannon fodder or sources of labor to exploit.”

      “It’s absolutely true that there is a far too large percentage of the population that has absolutely no idea that a new world war with devastating consequences is coming. I’m grateful that there is an organization that is doing whatever it can to warn the working class of the dangers, and is fighting to unite the working class in a struggle against this drive to worldwide slaughter.”

      Midwest Autoworker
      “When supporters of the ‘War on Terror’ ask me ‘where are the terrorists coming from,’ I tell them the CIA. They’re the ones who taught them the dirty tricks they now use,” said Daoron, a student from Afghanistan.

      “I was talking to this child, who had lost a leg in an explosion, telling him things were going to be alright and that he would survive. In his own language, this 11-year old kid turned to me and said, ‘I’m going to go to God and tell him what people down here are doing.’

      “Terrorists are formed,” he added. “What happens is you have drone strikes, ordered by the Obama administration, they completely shatter families. Maybe one person is left alive from an entire family. With that one person, [the US] has just created a terrorist.”

      DaoronStudent at Northern Virginia Community College
      “I’m tired of the war machine myself,” said one Kentucky autoworker. “You’re spending trillions of dollars on the war machine where we could be using the money here back at home. They’re bombing Syria, now helping ISIS, and they’ve been accused of supplying weapons to them and what not. Now you’re going to send billions more for the wars. And here we have veterans that are homeless, children that are homeless, schools closing, the Flint water crisis, the situation in Detroit, and all that stuff could be taken care of even if they just stopped the wars for a year. You could do so much.”
      Kentucky autoworker


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